2019 Toyota Hilux

2019 Toyota Hilux should continue with greatness in design and perform as their customers used to get from them. Being a luxury and comfortable large truck, Hilux must keep the same design in combination with a strong engine, and as we saw by now, Toyota will not disappoint with this version at all. As the matter of fact, it supposes to be even more glamorous, luxury and elegant than previous models, stylized to be attractive in city driving as well. Not only that this car will be easily driven on rainy, snowy and muddy roads, it will be able to take up to 3 tons of loads.


As the previous model has been attractive to buyers, 2019 Toyota Hilux has changed and redesigned only details. There will be visible new front grille, protected with the strong solid frame, with gridded front grille behind it. The whole front end is rounded, or it is better to say, made of three parts. Massive chromatic plate protects front bumper, with a thin air intake in the middle. Large front lights are made as halogen headlights daily lights with LED component, which ends on side of the bumper. The rear end is flat, but massive, with modernly designed LED lights.


Toyota has decided to keep the best and most wanted equipment inside of 2019 Toyota Hilux, so expect things like 6.1-inch friendly touchscreen with all important infotainment and entertainment commands. Some of the things worthy of mentioning in new Hilux presented in the previous model are air condition, Multi-Informational Display, and special cruise control. However, it is important to mention new elegant leather upholstery, as well as quality plastic built-in some parts of the cabin. Cabin in this model is as roomy and spaced as on the last model, so even the old buyers will be satisfied. Thanks to the new shock absorbers on the suspension, the cabin is much more comfortable on off-road driving.


It seems that main change in 2019 Toyota Hilux has been made under the hood of the car. There is stronger 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine this time, with much less carbon dioxide emissions, making this car more eco-friendly than last models. That is something which you do not expect from diesel engines that is for sure! But, not only that this engine is better for the environment it is great for your wallet, too, with much less fuel consumption than before. The strength is around 120 horsepower.

2019 Toyota Hilux Price and Release Date

As with many other things 2019 Toyota Hilux will be attractive with price, too. With only $20,000 for the base model, it is the great favorable truck for wide usage.

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