2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser

2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser is actually the model that we were able to see as a prototype on Toyota Auto Show in 2014 when the manufacturer showed this a little ugly but functional small mini-van. Calling it a “toolbox” the manufacturer showed its main purpose – it should be a car for workers, for heavy load and for city driving, allowing eight passengers to be driven in this combination of box and small daily vehicle.


As we said, the first design of this vehicle was pretty ugly and boxy, but 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser now looks much better thanks to soft edges and new colors that manufacturer used for Auto Show models. There is still boxy front end with rounded fog lights and wide gridded grille in the middle. The rear end is flat, which in combination with also flat roof makes this vehicle simple and squared, but highly functional and roomy inside.


The cabin in 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser actually represents the main purpose of this car. It has eight wide and comfortable seats, with folding down function, so it could make the cabin of the car as classical mini-van with 103 feet long cargo space. Every one of those seats can up and make special space for the small bags and luggage if that is necessary. Using the vehicle for work, on the other hand, is allowed with many tools like hooks and even the 9-feet ladder coupled behind the rear row. There are no many things in terms of technology although the manufacturer has not said anything about that, so we are sure that there could be found many useful and modern things.


There are many rumors about the engine in 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser and all confirm the first information about 2.0-liter petrol unit in combination with an electric unit. Other information is not known yet, so we should be patient about horsepower, fuel economy and maybe some other engine model existence (as many fans support).

2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser Release Date and Price

When the first version of 2019 Toyota TJ Cruiser was made, people from Toyota said that it will be a replacement for the Toyota RAV4 which will not be made in Japan anymore and similar model to Honda CR-V, but for the much more favorable price. Speaking about the price, it should be around $20,000 which puts this car in mid-range vehicles, and very attractive to younger buyers. We took this model as 2019 version, but there are chances that the manufacturer will make it for the 2020 year.

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