2020 Pontiac Trans Am – Full Review

2020 Pontiac Trans Am featurd

2020 Pontiac Trans Am is just one version in a long list of models that belong to this version, including Bandit Trans Am and other. Even though there are no many differences between those models, every one of them has its own design and known parts. This model is made in 77 units only, so only those who are willing to pay a lot will be the owners, but let’s say that this model is made for private collections only.


2020 Pontiac Trans Am doors
2020 Pontiac Trans Am has the same look and design as other versions from this class but also has few parts that separate it from other models in class. There is attractive wide muscular front end with a doubled mesh grille and wide front lights. Below them is wide air intake and rounded fog lights. The rear end has wide and almost flat rear end with a thin spoiler on the truck door and rounded rear lights. The car is wide and recalls old days of Pontiac cars.


2020 Pontiac Trans Am interior
It is not hard to predict how attractive and interesting the cabin in 2020 Pontiac Trans Am is. There is great orange leather in combination with black on the seats, while in front of the driver stands wide and sporty dashboard with only needed buttons and commands. Although the design of the cabin looks a little old-fashioned and retro, there are modern devices, like large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard and numerous buttons and commands.


2020 Pontiac Trans Am autp show
Besides the average 2.9-liter twin-screw supercharged, 2020 Pontiac Trans Am is equipped with a brand new and amazingly strong 7.4-liter V8 with 840 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque, made in GM. This engine comes with a six-speed transmission, and that is actually it. There are no other engine options and different performances, even though we expected more than one model in this type of the car.

2020 Pontiac Trans Am Release Date and Price

Those who love this car perfectly know that 2020 Pontiac Trans Am is not just the car; it is a car brand itself. Since one of the versions has been the trademark of famous actor Burt Reynolds it is surely one of the models that could be bought just to be part of the private collection. Keep in mind that only 77 models are made, so the price of $113,000 for the base model does not sound so high. It is hard to name one competitor, but let’s say that 2020 Chevrolet Camaro was a sample for the first version of it.

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