Ferrari 812 Superfast – official debut at the 2017 Geneva Show

Do not be confused with a name of the car, Ferrari 812 Superfast really wants to prove that they have finished with the old (and still fastest on the market) V12 and started with new 812 engines, as the first on the market with this motor under the hood. As we saw on Geneva Auto Show, Ferrari decided to keep the step with the novelties in engine industry but also to stay faithful to old buyers. Even though we expect only animals under the hood, Ferrari has not forgotten that people today expect a good design and modern details.


If you know how old Ferrari cars look like, you can imagine the look and design of the new one. Let say that Ferrari 812 Superfast has special new paint color called Rossa Settanta, specially made for this model as the way to celebrate 70’s anniversary of Ferrari. The best color we saw on Geneva Auto Show is a color between metallic and light gray mate which LED lights at the front end makes more visible. Other details are the same as on many other models that are known all over the world, so buyers will not be surprised with the design. It is still a low and cute car, with the roof lower at the end and short rear end. Front end fulfills large mesh in the middle of it, with a recognizable logo and again not many details on it. The rear end is higher with popular rounded lights and thin spoiler on the top of them. Two double exhausts fulfill the feeling of strengthens and speediness.


However, Ferrari 812 Superfast has not been made for showing off, or it is better to say, not only for that purposes. For old buyers is much more important what it has under the hood and why it got a name “superfast”. The reason is new and stronger 812 engine, a successor of the V12 engine with great new performances. It produces amazingly 789 horsepower and 530 pound-feet of torque. The speed of 60 mph increases for only 2.9 seconds, but thanks to the Electric Power Steering it is a well-controlled car in every circumstance. It is good to mention a special electronic vehicle dynamic control, together with the four-wheel steering system and last version of Side Slip Control. On speed increasing effects the great aerodynamic shape of the car.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Price and Conclusion

Special interior design supports the looking of a sports car, with sports steering wheel and seats, but for detailed information, including the price and releasing date we should wait at the end of the year.

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