Toyota Concept-i – Introducing the Future Human Car

Toyota has hinted how the future car is going to look like. A talking car with high capability of reading human emotions and desires while on the road. This was recently revealed during the annual consumer electronic shows in Las Vegas. The Concept-i eliminates the typical car sterility through the use of warm biometric sensor technology and the Yui artificial intelligence to converse with the driver and passengers without distracting the driver. Both the driver and Yui will work together navigating the car in dangerous driving conditions. The car future car fronts teamwork and making the journey lively right from a warm welcoming greeting when getting into the car.

Interior and Exterior

Arguably, this is one of the finest cars Toyota is going to release to the market. There are four classy seats with ample leg space. The interior has 3Dled display functionality and fully devoid of the traditional black themed buttons. The led displays in the interior communicate vital road information to the driver such as when approaching blind spots and also display road warning signs letting the driver make timely decision. The Yui, with the assistance of biometric sensors travels through the car lights and projectors engaging the passengers and gauging their emotions and desires to make their journey comfortable and satisfying.

There is exterior led display which warns motorists by simply displaying alllwatch out’ and also let oncoming cars to know whether the car is on a self-driven mode or driver through the front led display. It has classic scissor doors and stylishly covered wheels. The headlights are like human eyes, making well-calculated blinks.

Engine Performance

Toyota concept-ielectric car comes with high improved engine efficiency and facilitates recovery of surplus energy. The batteries are constantly charging ensuring the vehicle remains powered during high cruising. It also has low- speed torgueto maximize energy efficiency.

Toyota Concept-i Price

Toyota has not released the official price as the concept is still being implicated and gauging with the prices of its most expensive model, the new-Toyota Concept-iwill cost more than $ 1,500,000. It is envisioned as the human car.

Release Date of Toyota Concept-i

The car release date has not yet been made public and it is fronted as the vision 2030 car model. Toyota is still running several tests on January 5-8, 2017. It is still checking some of the functionally of the carbefore initiating first production batch. The success of the tests will determine its release date and if anything is to go by the speed and the desire to materialize the human car, then the car is likely to be released within the next four years with first batch coming as early as 2020.

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